Hybrid Sales July 2006 ~ Hybrid Car Review
Hybrid Car Review: Hybrid Sales July 2006

Monday, August 07, 2006

Hybrid Sales July 2006

Fords hybrid sales went up 81.0% in the month of July (comparisons are made to last years numbers unless otherwise noted) compared to Toyotas increase of 39.8% and Hondas loss of 13.4%. But Toyota is still the big winner, selling over 20,000 hybrid cars and suvs or 79.2% of all hybrids sold in July. Overall, hybrid sales have hit a new high, selling 25,626 units.

Ford should be happy with its increase in numbers from last year from 1,138 hybrids sold to 2,060. Although, their numbers are down from their record pace just a few months ago, when in April, they sold over 3,400 units. Ford recently backed off their promise to build 250,000 hybrids by 2010.

Honda had mixed results, given how poorly their Accord Hybrid has performed, it's no wonder they are looking into reducing production of their 'performance' hybrid. The Accord hybrid continued its decline, selling 504 units, 63.4% below last years numbers. The Honda Civic hybrid, however increased sales 14.8% to 2,673 units sold. The low production Insight, scheduled to be terminated next month, increased its sales to 91 units.

Toyota increased sales of its Highlander Hybrid by 8.6% to 2,784 units sold. The Lexus RX 400h is down 46.1% from last year, to 1,220 units sold. The Lexus GS 450h sold 157 units in the month of July.

The biggest sellers were the Toyota Camry Hybrid and Toyota Prius. The Camry sold 5,023 units, increasing sales from last month by over 700 cars. The Prius increased sales to 11,114 units sold increasing sales by 14.7%. I wonder if this means they are increasing production somehow on their top hybrid seller as in recent months, Toyota has explained the decrease in Prius sales on selling out of their stock, rather than a lack of demand.

Given how well Toyota hybrids have been selling, it should be noted that Toyota has already surpassed the 60,000 hybrid cars sold this year. That means all hybrid cars Toyota makes and sells will no longer be eligible for the full tax credit after September 30.

Overall, hybrid car sales increased by 45.3% over last year, boosted by sales of the hybrid Camry, while hybrid SUV sales have only increased by 1.7% over last year.

Hybrid car sales have increased every month since February, while hybrid SUV sales had decreased since April until this month. Percentage-wise, 76% of the hybrids sold in July were cars.

Year to date, the Prius has captured 37.8% of the hybrid market. The Highlander Hybrid is second in sales (13.3%) made, with the Honda Civic coming in a close third (11.8%). Combined sales of the Ford Escape hybrid and Mercury Mariner Hybrid come in at fourth with 9.0% of the year to date hybrid market. The Lexus Rx400h and Toyota Camry come in fifth and sixth respectively at 7.0%, although it should be noted the Toyota Camry Hybrid has only been on sale since May.

Read last months car sales numbers: June, 2006 hybrid car sales.

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