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Hybrid Car Review: Rumors of a Plug-in Chevy

Friday, March 05, 2010

Rumors of a Plug-in Chevy

When the plug-in Saturn Vue was cancelled (since Saturn was ending), there were rumors flying about the Vue plug-in would morph into a Chevy Eqinox plug-in, but those rumors were later squashed by GM exectutives.

But now the rumors are back, but with pictures.  Straightline has photos of a plug-in hybrid with Saturn and hybrid badging, taped over plug-in port, and Buick wheels.  Straightline thinks this indicates the Chevrolet Equinox plug-in may be back on, but I'm wondering if it might be something else.

GM promised a Buick crossover plug-in hybrid for testing by the Energy Department in 2010, with a production model to follow in 2011.  The idea of the crossover moving into production was killed off fairly quickly, however.

Now, whether or not those time lines still apply in the current economic climate is another thing, but if they promised a vehicle to the Energy Department, what Straightline saw may be an early iteration/holdover from Saturn to be sent for testing.

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